From the beginning, books have been a critical tool for The Rwanda Project. Through books, the children have been able to explore the world of photography and the world outside of Gisenyi, Rwanda. Before they ever held a camera, the children explored the published works of well-known photographers to understand the art and the craft of photography. David Jiranek, project founder, shared his favorite titles with the children each time he conducted a workshop.

Today, in David’s memory, a permanent photographic and art library has been established at the Imbabazi Orphanage. Donations of photography and art books are welcome. Please contact:
to view the library “wish list” and donation guidelines.

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Gisneyi, Rwanda, January, 2004.
Bakunzi and Twagira, Imbabazi photographers, look through a book from the newly created library in honor of David Jiranek

Gisneyi, Rwanda, January, 2004.
Frederic Ndabaramiye and other Imbabazi photographers, look through one of the new books from the David Jiranek Memorial Library established at the Imbabazi Orphanage.