Umuhoza, born 1989

Umuhoza arrived at the Imbabazi Orphanage at the age of seven in September, 1996. Her parents were never located. Although she was old enough to remember her parents she claims she does not remember them. She is one of the best dancers among the children.

-- Rosamond Carr

Umuhoza is an adorable kid that you just want to wrap up in a box. As you can see from the portraits that Jacqueline took of her, she loves to get dressed up (in her one white dress) and look as pretty as she can all the time. She struggles a bit in school, but she is one of those kids that you are immediately drawn to.

-- David Jiranek, 2002

In 2006, Umuhoza finishes the second year of secondary school. She still likes to dance and listen to music. She is always in a happy mood and that is why everybody likes to be around her.

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Photo by Jacqueline