Twagira, born approx. 1990

Twagira came to the Imbabazi Orphanage in Oct. 1996, we think at the age of 6. His aunt brought him to us with his little brother, Twahirwa, age two, because their mother had died the week before. There was no father.

-- Rosamond Carr

Twagira is an incredibly smart and delightful kid. He is a great student and is good friends with Musa. They both look out for each other and worked very hard during the workshops. Twagira took Musa's Portraits, which can be seen on Musa's Bio Page. I love how they show both the happy and sad sides of Musa. Twagira is just one of those sweet kids that you enjoy working with.

-- David Jiranek, 2002

In 2006, Twagiramungu finishes the 2nd year of secondary school, in a rural area of Rwanda, near Ruhengeri. He has grown very tall and likes to play soccer as always. He is very smart at school and is always one of the top five students in his class.

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Photo by Musa