Musa, born 1991

Musa arrived at the orphanage in January 1997 at the age of six, along with two other boys. They were brought to us by The Red Cross with no information about their backgrounds except that both of Musa's parents died in Goma during the refugee crisis.

-- Rosamond Carr

Musa is an incredibly bright but shy kid. He does very well in school, but was often intimidated by some of the bigger kids. On one occasion early into the workshops, street kids took his disposable camera. Musa worked very quietly and diligently during the photography project and produced some of my favorite images. Please look at each of the photos in his portfolio as well as the portrait he took of his friend, Twagira, hanging on the volleyball net (see Twagira's Bio Page). This is a kid that you want to see protected because he is so bright and has a lot to offer.

-- David Jiranek, 2002

In 2006, Musa started his third year at secondary school. He nearly always places 2nd or 3rd in his class. He is also a very good guitarist, a soccer player, and according to Roz Carr, a “dear boy”.

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Photo by Twagira