Jacqueline, born 1992

The Red Cross brought Jacqueline to me in 1996 from the Congo. When I first laid eyes on her at the age of four, the only thing she was certain of was her name. She had been in an orphanage since birth so there is very little factual information about her background. She is an excellent student in school and very well liked by the other children.

-- Rosamond Carr

At the age of 8, with her first roll of film, Jacqueline took a portrait of her friend Gadi, “Gadi at the Market” for which she was awarded First Prize in Portraiture by Camera Arts and View Camera Magazine’s 2002 Annual Photo Contest. David Jiranek recounts the story:

“In 2002 I submitted several of the children's photos to Camera Arts and View Camera Magazine's Annual Photo Contest. The contest had several categories: Documentary, Advertising, Student, Portraiture, etc. I thought that the photos should be entered into the student category, but I did not have copies of the kids' student ID's, which were required in the submission guidelines. Therefore, I had to write a letter explaining the circumstances, and suggested that Jacqueline's photo of Gadi could be entered into the Portraiture category. To our delight and surprise, Jacqueline won "First Prize — Portraiture," and received a cash prize that will go to her education. What I didn't tell the jury was that it was the first roll of film she ever shot! But if you look at her other photos you will see that it was no accident.”

-- David Jiranek, 2002

In 2006, Jacqueline’s greatest interest continues to be photography. In January 2006, Jacqueline had the highest marks of all the children at the Imbabazi Orphanage on her exams for entry into Secondary School. She is now at the Group Scholaire For Girls at Nyundo, Gisenyi.

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Photo by Umuhoza