Imanizabayo, born in 1987

My name is Imanizabayo. I was born in 1987 in the small town of Gisenyi. In 1994, when I was seven years old, many things changed in our country and in my life because of the war and the genocide. Both my parents passed away during that war. I fled alone to the Congo where I entered an orphanage founded by a lady called Mrs. Christine. When we were about to return to our country, the orphanage was destroyed. I was taken by the Red Cross organization which brought me to the Imbabazi Orphanage. At that time I had found my big brother, Musabyimana Sammy, who stayed together with me in the orphanage until now.

I was in the first grade of primary school when I entered the Imbabazi Orphanage. After reaching the orphanage we didn't have the chance to stay in one place because of the violence. In 1997 we left the place where the orphanage was founded in Mugongo and we came to stay in Gisenyi town. Even here we've changed places about three times to seek a comfortable place.

I can not finish without telling thank you to all who contribute or have contributed in supporting our orphanage, especially our "God Mother" Mrs. Rosamond Carr who had a good thought of founding this orphanage. We are what we are now because of her.

-- Imanizabayo

Imanizabayo's mother was a Tutsi and his half brother, Sammy's mother was a Hutu. After their parents deaths the grandparents on their fathers side were also killed. The grandmother was poisoned and the grandfather was burned to death in his home.

-- Rosamond Carr

In 2006, Imanizabayo Leon is in his 5th year of Secondary School and doing very well.

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