Gadi, born 1991

Gadi was brought to us by the Red Cross with his sister, Uwamahoro. His parents were lost in the Congo. Since his arrival he has been stuck with a number of illnesses. In November, 1996, he had chicken pox and in Feb 1998 he had malaria. He does exceptionally well in school and places in the top of his class. In December 1999, he was 3rd in his class with an average of 98%.

- Rosamond Carr

Gadi is one of everyone's favorite kids. He is incredibly energetic and bright, and very eager to please. He raises his hand with an answer every time a question is asked. If you notice, he is the child in the photo taken by Jacqueline on our home page.

-- David Jiranek, 2002

[See Uwamahoro for a more detailed history of their arrival]

In 2006 Gadi began his 3rd year of secondary school at St. Andrew’s in Kigali where he is doing very well. He is an especially talented linguist. He speaks fluent English as well as French and his own language, Kinyarwandan.

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Photo by Gasore