Dusingizimana, born 1985

I was born in 1985 in Mutura Province. The war started when I was in the 1st grade. We all fled to the Congo with the whole of my family - I mean my 5 sisters and I, and both my parents - but my father had 2 wives, my mom and another one. We spent only about a week in the Congo and after my dad's death we returned home with my mom. When we reached home a few days later, even my mom passed away. After that, one of my dad's brothers took me and my sister to the Imbabazi orphanage and the rest of my sisters stayed home, but one of them, the youngest, passed away a few months later. But all of my sisters got married and one has 4 kids and another has 2. In the orphanage I continued my studies to the 2nd grade and then moved from the hills of Mutura to Gisenyi Town because of the security. During that second war I lost another sister. When we reached Gisenyi, I continued my primary studies up to the 4th grade. Here in Gisenyi we have moved to 3 different buildings. I didn't continue my studies because it was too hard to afford --- and I don't know how to explain it. Now my sister is in the 3rd grade and we are all happy to be here.

Dusingizimana Fidel dropped out of school because he was behind in his studies. During the war years he was not in school. At Imbabazi every child is sent to school, but he was older than the other children, in the 4th grade of primary school when he left.
Dusi has studied carpentry since 2004 at a Catholic Atelier where he has done extremely well. So well that when the Catholic Brothers will let him go he will start working in Mutura as a carpenter on his own. He has made some beautiful furniture for the Imbabazi while with the Catholic brothers and 2 very handsome garden benches my garden.

-- Roz Carr, 2006

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Photo by Frederic