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The Imbabazi Orphanage is home to over 120 children. Many of these children's families were killed during the 1994 Genocide, which they often refer to as "the war." Others died of disease when they fled to the Congo as refugees. The orphanage was originally founded in 1994 on Rosamond Carr's farm, Mugongo, in the hills of Mutura, near the Congo border. Due to continual outbreaks of violence, the orphanage moved to the small lake town of Gisenyi. In late 2005, the orphanage moved back to Mugongo, into a new, permanent facility. Translated, Imbabazi means "A Mother's Love," and is one of the few homes where children are being raised without ethnic distinction.

These children have participated in annual workshops in Rwanda since 2000, and exhibit their photographs to raise awareness and money for their education fund on an on-going basis.

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